Will Giving Welfare will just create more parasites or help children of welfare parasites to be productive citizens?

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Both are correct.

There are 2 theories. One is that welfare is fine. We just help poor people to get back on their feet again. Another says that we’ll just create more poverty that way.

Not because we give people minimum living standard means they gonna breed like rabbit and be parasitic.

That I agree. I think the reason many think that way is because they look at yourself, or ourself. Will we breed like parasitic rabbits if there are enough welfare. Most of us will say no. It’s unthinkable.

However, this is the part most people miss.

The tautology of evolution. What reproduced now become common latter.
Say only 5% breed like rabbits when there are welfare. With welfare, those 5% will be 10%, 20%, 30% and the society will collapse.

Some socialists will think that poverty happens due to chrony capitalism. They are correct. However, chrony capitalism happens because voters are too stupid and let governments officials that have no incentive to do what’s productive to make decisions, mostly based on bribes, kickbacks, or campaign contribution.

Can children of welfare parasites, given enough education and stuff, create start up? Can children of millionaires, or billionaires, end up being welfare parasites?

Both are possible.

Another thing that people miss that while all things are possible, not all things are equally likely.

How likely? Very unlikely. If my children are as likely to be on welfare than being a start up founder, why would I bother taking care of my children?
Finally people miss the inheritability of wealth. Wealth itself is heritable. Capability to create wealth is also heritable.

But most people think that to create wealth you got to go to school and get a degree and get a job. Those are not very heritable process. You can have a PhD and your sons and daughters will have to go through the same thing to get that PhD.

Hence, people grossly underestimate the heritability of wealth creation.
However, your creation to go to school, your common sense to pick the right major, or even your out of the box thinking that I can just get rich without a job are all very heritable trait.

In fact, even socialists admit that kids with richer parents tend to have higher standardized score.

They just interpret the data differently. The way I see it is that richer parents bequeath traits, including IQ, that results in those kids having higher standardized score.

The socialist interpret this as IQ and standardized score being racist and simply measure parents’ wealth and hence unfair and should be abolished. It has nothing to do with truth. They said anything that justify equality of result between those more capable to create wealth and those who aren’t.

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