Why Welfare Program Hurt Productive People and Why Unemployment Insurance Can Take Care of It

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Not sure. Oversea chinese evolve into a certain unique culture. We never get welfare. So most of us never need one.

Yap in Indonesia, government sometimes give welfare, but when you’re chinese you won’t get it no matter how poor you are. There is a stereotype perception that chinese must be richer anyway.

Ugly women work hard all their life and pretty women pick the rich. So, if you’re chinese and you fail to get rich, you will most likely fail to get girls and reproduce either. See. No need for welfare and the lazy and stupid among us are gone by itself.

Why not ask your chinese friends whether they like welfare program or not?

It’s not just wealth. In US, the indians, jews, and even whites earn more than chinese. Most chinese household earn more because they have 2 income earners. Still chinese are less likely to like welfare.

Yes I know, any one of us can be disabled. I cannot understand what kind of insurance government can give that free market cannot give? Why should someone earning $40k-$100k a year pay half of his salary for unemployment insurance whose risk is only 2-3%?

Welfare disproportionately benefit those who have high chance of being unemployed and disproportionately hurt those who have high chance of getting high paying job. The latter include mensa member by the way. It’s unfair insurance whose price way differ than the market fair price.

Moreover, most insurance company doesn’t want to insure people against unemployment for due to huge moral hazard. That moral hazard is still there when government do the insurance.

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