Why we should lower minimum wage

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People talk about how big corporations can afford minimum wage. What about small businesses? Imagine me or you being a teenager.

We either start our own business, maybe selling hot dog, maybe being self entrepreneur. Or we can work for other people, competing in jobs market. Obviously, guys like me prefer to be a businessman than a worker.

However, that depends on salary. If salary is high, I wanna be workers. If salary is low, not only the opportunity costs of taking risks and start my own business is lower.

Not only that, lower minimum wage means I can see that I can expand my business more quickly. That means more jobs. Of course, the majority of people are workers and they just vote to increase their salary. How are you, or we or anyone can solve this market not “closing”.

But that means the market is not closing. There will be more demand for jobs than supply. Perhaps a better way to see it is there will be more supply of work than buyers.

So, in US, and in any country, you got a bunch of rules. Some locals want to get hired first. You need citizenship. You need to have a certain skin color. Bla bla bla bla bla bla bla. There is this diversity and then racism and bigger governments. Things just get complicated and I am sick and fucking tired to run through those hoops.

That’s beyond me.

It’s far easier for me to start an internet marketing biz in Indonesia. At least, it’s an easy choice. Working for other people means very low salary. So, it’s a very easy choice to me when I choose to be a businessman or a worker. Basically, I chose to be either wealthy or dead.

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