Why We Need More Capitalism

Free access to scriptures religious leaders try to censor

What would improve the world? Capitalism. The problem is we are not capitalistic enough.

We’re capitalistic when it comes to software, or products, or even religions. Many things are not freely traded yet. What about citizenship or residency?

Too many people want to move from country A to country B. Too few want to move from country B to country A. For example, people in Mexico want to move to US or people in Arab want to move to Europe.

Usually, after they come they vote to make their destination country to be more like their old country, a country they run away from. I got an idea. Say people want to move from country A to country B. The guy buy citizenship or residency from people in country B that wants to live.

That will put balances between those who want to live and those who want to get in. We can even measure the success of a country. Just check the market price of citizenship/residency. I can go on that reproductive market should be more capitalistic too, but that’s too long.

Do you really need to accept refugees in western countries? No. Citizenship in western countries worth a lot. All will be better off if western countries just pay poor countries to accept refugees.

More refuges save at less cost. Or rather than putting Syrian refugees to Europe, why not send troops to colonize part of syria if the people want it? Once things go well, cell citizenship of the region at a higher profit.

See… We can make the world a better place while pursuing our greed. That’s the only way the world can be a better place. Through greed, righteous capitalistic greed. The greatest force of morality in this world.

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