Why vs How to be Rich

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Do you want to be rich?

Here is one thing you can do now.

Ask yourself, what would you do if you are rich?

If you have strong enough why, you tend to find ways to get there.

Here is another reason why you should ask that question now.

I asked a guy. He said he wanted to build school that teaches conservative values. That’s not bad of a goal.

The problem is, it’s not selfish enough. You need a goal that makes you motivated. My goal, 6 years ago, is to have many children and make them rich. I want to knock up pretty high IQ girls I want to make our children rich.

I also want to be free from religions and unfair laws.

Those goals work for me.

Your goal maybe different. However it has to be something that motivate YOU. Something that you can get and only can get if you’re rich.

Other people may want to travel around the world or buy versace. That goal doesn’t turn me on given that rich guys in my industry wear normal clothes.

I am not saying that the goal is “wrong”. I think if you think about why you want to be rich and what you will do once you are rich, you have clearer target. And then you may modify it. It’s okay.

And that will help a lot for you to get rich.

Another thing you can do is to be grateful for all of your successes. You must have been successful some time in your life. There must have been things that make you happy. The sun rises. You are still alive. All those are good things I remember when I was on a verge on suicide.

Sometimes we can solve our problems not by solving it but by side stepping it. Before I believed I had great biz ideas. However, no body believes me. I can’t convince anyone to cooperate. My biz partners want me to be his programmers wasting 3 years of my life. My employee that knows that my biz ideas are great just do it himself and drives me out of the market.

I was sad. But then I look at what’s positive. The biz works. The idea works. I still make money. My innovation allows me to push back my ex employee market share. I got a bro I can ask for interpersonal skill.

My solution? I do it my self. I code my self. Only when another employee do what’s reasonable to help my bizs I reward him with 25% of the bizs.

So I still couldn’t solve my interpersonal skill problem. I am still bad at it. But I side step it. Again,. the path for different people is different.

Thinking about your goal can motivate you to pick strategies that lead to your goal. It’s probably better than any AI.

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