Why Voters and Businessmen Should Learn from Each Other?

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What are the main differences between businesses and politics?

For example. One way to understand politic is to see that politic is like a business where you can’t call cops.

If I own a business and a mob tries to rob my house, I call cops.

If I am the president and the majority of people want to topple me, then I can’t call cops. I can mow them down, or I can gracefully quit, I can’t call cops. I am the cop or “authority” so to speak.

A business does not need complex democratic check and balance mechanism to keep stable. We have laws, usually provided by the government. Anything goes wrong, we call cops.

In politic, any country that strays from democracy too much will have a problem. That’s because if push comes to shove, the will of the people matter, if not in the election, in rebellion. That’s something most business owners do not have to worry about.

In many other things, those are similar. Voters and kings are like owners. Most businessmen, just as most politicians, resolve their differences among themselves instead of “calling higher power”.

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