Why violent will become less and less

Free access to scriptures religious leaders try to censor

Somehow I have a vision. Good result is not good guy beating up bad guys. After all, all beaters, including Hitler, claim that they’re the good guy and their victim are bad, it’s hard to see the truth beyond propaganda.

Good results happen when good guys cooperate better among each other and reach great prosperity. Bad guys are busy killing each other because they sucks, stupid, and don’t want to know how to cooperate better. The good guys just stay away from the bad.

Ease of movement between countries and globalization will make this happen. Imagine a world where all productive people just flee to whichever country is most meritocratic. There will be much less intensive for war.

Perhaps one day we do not need to punish evil too much. Just let free market reward good. Countries that don’t embrace freedom and meritocracy will become relatively poorer anyway. That alone should give plenty of intensive for the “bad guys” to repent.

When Sunni and Syiah kill each other, I just think, ah…. all those hatred shouldn’t go to waste. That’s what faith are for. That’s what happen when people don’t think for themselves and have faith on whatever bull shit their tyrants declare to be holy truth.

Then I see Israel beating up Lebanon, I don’t know what to think. I guess we’re all not that much different aren’t we from those we think are wrong.

We kill the weak, then embrace whatever veneer to make it look like justice, national defense, necessity or whatever. Obviously, this will just give intensive for everyone to build up military and kill because that’s just what works. It’s like prisoner dillema until someone can see what’s really going on.

I am just curious. http://news.yahoo.com/texas-exec…

This texas man think that he should retaliate against 9/11 by killing middle eastern. I know there are differences between what he did and what Israel did by bombing lebanon. Somehow I see that the difference, for all practical purpose, is quite thin though. What’s the difference? Well, he killed one and get death penalty while those who killed many somehow decides what’s morality is. What’s new? Been like that since Genghish Khan.

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