Why Trump is Funny

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Trump Being Funny

Hate Trump if you will (I don’t).

We got to admit he’s funny. And for democracy, funny is important. Funny people are persuasive (except, probably me). Being funny is probably a more important criterion for being a US president than say, be good at Math or have high IQ, or have a good GPA.

Democracy is so complex that the guy that gets the job is the guy that’s good at selling himself.

Some people would say isn’t that how most products do?

Well. No. I buy my xiaomi phones based on specs. Ads matter but I got good specs I can compare.

Picking president in democracy is like picking unit link or picking the best timeshare. In those products 80% of what you pay are ads. In picking leaders, 80% of what your candidates do is raising funds for ads.

Some would say that Trump is a conmen. Well. That’s hard to define. Politicians, in general are conmen, like insurance agents in my country selling overpriced product. You just pick the one more convincing.

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