Why Theories Need to Be Grounded on Reality

Free access to scriptures religious leaders try to censor

Economy is grounded in reality. We can have all theories we want. However, at the end, we can observe whether people behave exactly like what we predict or not.

We can have 1001 theories on what women like. Those theories are not grounded in reality because no body knows what’s inside women. However, we can have fewer theories on what women will choose to fuck. And those theories are more disprovable. We can observe.

Notice correct theory of humans’ behavior will correctly predict their choice. It will fail, however, correctly predict what humans claim they want. That’s because we all lie when we say what we want and often don’t even know what we want.

I got a theory.

Most people would rather have this guy have 100 children https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3033474/Britain-s-feckless-father-splits-latest-pregnant-girlfriend.html

Than Elon Musk having 100 children.

Think about it. It’s like Jesus vs Barabas dilemma. Would you rather allow Elon to have 100 children or this useless feckless father to have 100 children.

Seems like an easy choice right? One pays tax. Another consumes tax money. One create jobs. Another don’t even have jobs. One contribute to economy. Another just suck on.

It would be absurd to think that most people want more fellow citizens like Keith McDonald compared to Elon Musk. If one Elon Musk can make so many productive businesses, imagine if he has 100 children.

The world will be far richer. And most people, if we ask them, will say, sure we want more people to be like Elon. But is it what they truly want? Is it what most voters vote for?

No. If people like Elon have 100 children, I bet child support would bankrupt him, unless he found a loophole. What?

Yes. There are laws that increase a man’s liability to be proportional to his income or wealth or something. The mere act of making honest money is punishable by tax. Recently Elon has to part with $11 billion dollars for the simple crime of making honest money as Tesla CEO.

Yet when Keith McDonald have 100 children, voters, will vote to subsidy all those children. Clearly most voters hate Elon and like guys like Keith. They want more people like Keith.

None of this make economic sense. Why would people want more people that suck on their tax money instead of more people that create jobs and businesses? However, from evolutionary psychology perspective, nothing is strange.

Most people are bigots. Why because we are all competitors. We are not created by some benevolent creator. We evolve, and we evolve to exterminate one another. That’s what our ancestors have been doing for centuries. Life is just a big and slow hunger games.

And what kind of competitors most humans want to get rid of? The superior ones. Or at least the more attractive ones. In test scores, Asians tend to score highest than other ethnics. So who does affirmative action hurt the most? Asians.

In dating sites, white men tend to get more replies (and I bet fucking) from women. So who are main target of racism? White men.

In last century, the jews make more money in Europe than other ethnics. So who got discriminated against and mass murdered the most in Europe? Jews. Sex workers and porn stars are prettier and smarter than most women. So ugly women want to prohibit sex work and porn.

Richer men prefer to pay than risk paying alimony. So many poor men want to prohibit paying for sex. Humans are bigots. The one they say are dangerous, evil, harmful, are often the one that’s actually useful, and productive.

Polygamists are people that can attract more women. Again, illegal in most countries.

This is why we need free market to oppose bigotry. Only under free market people, superior people, can get more and care little about others’ opinion.
In politic, the more you are right, the more they hate you.

Because truth is attractive and it compete well against their lies. In business, the more you are correct, the richer you are. Yes they will still hate you. But in capitalism, it doesn’t matter.

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