Why Should Countries Embrace Meritocracy?

Free access to scriptures religious leaders try to censor

Because if they don’t worst things will happen. Humans are greedy and selfish. Blocking honest productive means to produce wealth will make them earn wealth through other means.

Just look at other countries where governments redistribute wealth. Look at China during Mao.

Why would some people work hard all their life if he cannot inherit his wealth to his children. If every kids have the same chance to succed, why should I work harder if I am not going to either have more kids or my kids won’t have better chances?

Now, welfare recipients can afford more children than billionaire. Some made 40 children and get away with it. People can just breed and put kids on baby drop box.

A billionaire won’t be able to make 40 children because the child support laws will haunt him.

So what’s the point of being productive? If people don’t bother being productive, everyone is doomed. Why earn money to support those who hate you and want to enslave you?

Many voters get in the way of honest people earning wealth. Many deny basic freedom, such as freedom to smoke ganja. They are slave owners and we are the slaves. Why work hard for those slave owners?

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