Why Romantic Monogamous Relationship is Confusing

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One reason why I have a hard time understanding marriage is that people use words that mean totally unnatural.

To others, being a responsible dad means marrying the mom. To me, being a responsible dad means being rich and financially supporting the mom.

So, in my book, only rich people can have children responsibly. I have little sympathy for people complaining they can’t afford their 4 children. Let them all starve.

I simply have no connection whatsoever between the word responsible and the word marrying. I think getting married is like entering a concentration camp. It’s one of the most irresponsible things anyone can do.

To others, being loyal to your spouse means not fucking other girls. To me, being loyal to your mate means not leaving her, and in case of separation, pay child support.

If you have one employee, can you have another? Sure. What about your employee, can he has other bosses? Just talk it out. Why sex is different?

I also do not understand why people say that whores or sugar babies that want 1-3% of your wealth is a gold digger. They provide value, they deserve money. What is wrong with that? This is while someone that wants 50% of your wealth is not.

The most expensive gold diggers are those who want marriage, not those who want a reasonable amount of cash.

I also don’t understand the concept of romantic love. Of course, I love my self and my bloodlines. Wives, gfs, mates, spouses, sbs, whores, secretaries, are just whores I pay to produce children.

Loving them means not scamming them and not forcing them and keeping them happy with wine and lobster. Of course, that’s in return for them producing heirs and sex and entertain me and my biz partners. Fair enough.

I also have a hard time understanding why love and “serious relationship” must be one on one. Where in the bible/quran/kamasutra/newton’s law or whatever you believe in that mating must be one on one?

Do the best stores have only 1 customer? Do the best movies have the same number of viewers? So it’s natural that the richest guys and the prettiest girls got more mates.

Even rich white guys practice serial monogamy which is polygamy but not more than one at the same time.

Last but not least, is I have a hard time understanding why people want the government to be their 3rd fuck buddy. I went the extra mile ensuring that my whole life is out of the governments’ reach and yet somebody just wants legal recognition from governments.

If they love each other, if they’re a match, if they are in the relationship because they want to and not because the government tell them to, then why involve governments?

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