Why Rich People Should Have More Children

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Another thing I noticed is most people, especially liberal, tend to overestimate the effect of rich parents when it comes to welfare. Oh look it’s not fair that their parents are richer so we need more redistribution of wealth.

However, they underestimate the effect of rich smart parents when it comes to reproductive right. Poor kids would have been rich too had we fund more public schools. So? More government programs. Fed the poor, educate the poor at tax payers’ money.

In both cases they want the poor to have as many kids as possible and get taken care of by tax fund.

So, do having rich parents useful or not when it comes to producing rich kids?

It seems that instead of what’s true, liberals want people to believe whatever justify more redistribution of wealth.

I see things differently. If rich parents produce rich kids, then rich people should have more children. This assuming that the wealth is earned productively, which is what will tend to happen under capitalism and less government anyway.

It’s simple. Say the following are true. Rich are more productive. You want more productive people in your society and kids are like their parents, just breed the rich.

What about if rich parents don’t produce rich kids? What about if those poor kids can be smart and productive if they are properly educated and fed? The solution is still, for the rich to have more children.

If you are rich and your kids will just be as rich as other kids, what’s the point of being rich then? What’s the point of working hard, be a good responsible parents if your kids will just be as rich as other kids?

It make more sense to simply have more children yourself. If you have too much money that means you have to few children.

This will motivate people to be productive, rich, and good parents.

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