Why Politicians Lie?

Free access to scriptures religious leaders try to censor

Most people lie because they believe that lying will give them what they want. Sometimes, what they want is what you want too, in which case you’ll call it white lie, or good lie.

Sometimes, what they want is the opposite of what we want. So we call it a foul lie. In any case, it’s still a lie.

What’s often happen, is it’s important to see the lie as a lie even though is “good.”

Many of the conclusions evolution theories will tell us are facts of life the dictators and politicians have known for thousands of years.

However, those are aspects they try to hide. Moreover, for thousands of years, those facts are known only as facts. Few know how to link all those facts with few principles.

For most of the time, only a few know those facts. Most people believe the opposite. The more something is true, the more people try to convince you for the opposite.

For example. Here are two facts people have been using for a long time.

1. Human males want as many pretty females as possible.
2. Human females, women, want the best genes, usually signaled by wealth.

There are two corollaries of those two facts.

1. One is that we can hold this truth with plenty of evidence that humans are not equal. There are such things as better genes and best genes. Disparity of genes quality is a fact and they matters, because women want that and men want women.
2. Second, we just see an inherent basic difference between males and females.

Those two corollaries are probably the most politically incorrect ideas nowadays don’t them?

Hence, those facts are hidden to prevent racism, slavery, and sexism. Those facts are often used as justification for various now politically incorrect institutions. Still the facts are facts.

There are more, arguably better, rational reasons to oppose racism, slavery, and sexism.

For example, racism and slavery will set a precedent where the greatest among us are those who can convince that the others are sub humans and kill the others.

Under capitalism, the greatest among us are those who provide better services to more customers.

Quite obviously, capitalism leads to prosperity, while racism and slavery will lead to more war as all sides have intensives to slaughter the others.

But those are reasoning people do not emotionally connect with.

So a politician, with intentions you may consider to be good, then simply lies or deceive the people with abstract concepts such as humans’ equality.

Of course, incorrect theories, while correct in some places will cause some problems in others.

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