Why Police Killing isn’t a Big Concern

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In US there are 400 people that got killed by cops and 1 millions violent crime every year.

Also there are 10000 murders every year.

Imagine if the number of people that are killed by cops increases to 1000. However, the number of violent crimes is also reduced by say 1000.

Or the number of murder is also reduced by 1000. Will you be happier?

Yes, that means numbers of people that are killed by cops jump more than 100% for a very modest 1 per mill reduction on number of violent crime. Or a mere 10% reduction on the number of murders.

I would say you should be happier. Just compute the probability that you are the one that’s killed by cops and compute the probability that you get killed by violent crime.

In general, you don’t care how you are killed right? You just want to reduce chance you die early.

But what about if you do care how you may be killed? Are you a robber? The chance that you gonna get killed by cops is so low it’s not a concern at all.

If you are not violent criminals the chance is less than 1/1 million. More like 1/20 million. It’s not a concern. I would fear bitcoin prices drop more.

If your unhappiness for being a victim of violent crime is 1/20th of your unhappiness of being killed. I know for sure that the chance I will be killed if someone robs me will be more than 1/20th. Then you would be happy if number of violent crimes drop by even 1 per mill.

That is even if cops kill 150% more people. In fact, you should be happy if shit happens if it happens to others anyway, especially, those that you don’t get along well.

It’s just a rational thing to do.

Is it psychopathic to think this way? Let me think. How many people vote in certain ways just to prevent you from getting rich? Capitalism already makes them richer than say poor people in other countries.

Yet they still hate capitalism because they don’t want you to be richer. They tax you. They want to tax you even more.

They complain about income disparity or whatever. Now that’s evil. So why can’t you do the same? If they’re happy you’re poorer, why can’t you be happy that robbers die more because of ups…..

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