Why People Use Violent To Defend Truth?

Free access to scriptures religious leaders try to censor

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I’ll give a brief explanation to the question I was asking.

Why people defend truth by censorship and violence? They don’t defend truth. They defend opinions that serve their interests. Moreover, such opinions are usually false. Real truths don’t need that kind of protection.

If some people draw offending caricature against globalization or capitalism, how many businessmen like Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, will get offended and demand restriction of freedom of speech against such cartoons?

Free market works. There is no need to defend it with violence.

Speak in Jesus era that the Pharisees are hypocrites. Speak in middle age Europe that the Pope is wrong in thinking that the sun circle the earth. Speak in Tokugawa era Japan that Amaterasu Omikami don’t even exist, let along have descendants.

Speak in Russia during Lenin that communism doesn’t work. Tell Indonesian during Suharto era that Suharto is a dictator. Or draw any cartoons, or make any movies suggesting that the founder of Muslim religions might have something to do with suicide bombing, freedom oppression, and women subjugation. Chance is you’ll die.

Of course, those who defend their opinions through violence will not going to honestly say that they do so out of selfish interests. To gain credibility they’re going to say that they defend truth.

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