Why People Use Violent To Defend Truth?

Free access to scriptures religious leaders try to censor

I like Math.

Unlike Math, life is confusing. So many things are suspicious. Moreover, unlike Math, people don’t seem to see the difficulty.

When I have problems with Math, people tend to understand that this stuff is tough and explain it to me kindly.

Yet, so many things in life are suspicious. When I question it, people would say that I was the most stupid people on earth that don’t even know stuffs.

Why people defend truth by censorship and violence?

That doesn’t seem like the way to find truth. Imagine if you’re a judge. Some witness come and say that the defendants are guilty. But other witnesses belief the defendants are not guilty.

So you ask the prosecutors’ witness. Where are the defendants’ witness? The prosecutors say that he killed all the defendants witness to defend truth and justice.

He also said that he destroy all evidences that may deceive you as the judge, from concluding heretical opinions that the defendants are innocent.

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