Why Men that Like Transactional Sex is Called Misogynist?

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Why many people accuse me of being a misogynist? Do you know how many women I have killed or punched? Okay, I spank a few. But the girls wanted….

I go to Mcdonald’s buying burgers, do I hate mc Donald? I hire people to do many chores? Do I hate employees?

I want all sex to be transactional because that’s what’s working and what’s natural. Rather than marrying, I think men should just pay women to give heirs. Why am I a misogynist?

Why marry a man that makes $50k a year, if a woman can share a sugar daddy, earning $1 million a year, and offer the woman $50k a year?

The second one is far more reliable because the $50k is just a small portion of his wealth. Chance is the kids will be richer and smarter too and have more inheritance.

Yet suggesting this makes me a misogynist? Why? What is the connection between paying and hating?

I thought women prefer the rich? Just ask for money and women will get the rich.

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