Why Melania stays with Donald?

Free access to scriptures religious leaders try to censor


So many answer here resolve around the idea that Trump is not an attractive male and that Melania is in it for the money.

Boy, have you looked at the competition?

Most other males are not even billionaires.

Most other males do not have as much common sense and IQ as Donald is.

And most other males are not SMART enough to be businessman let alone president.

Imagine if you are genetically wired to want to produce smart children? Would you pick Trump or some random american?

Sex is not just about pleasure. More beautiful women produce more beautiful daughters. We have desire for beautiful women because it’s important to pick them. Our genes scream to us, pick the pretty, if you can.

Women’s genes also scream, pick the rich and smart. Trump is BOTH.

It’s not just money. Women pick the best genes and Trump is one of the best.

In fact, I would say Bill Gates is even better. However, Bill is a nerd.

Yes Trump talked about groping women. Only in western civilization this is considered “bad”. The truth is it’s men’s nature. Some women, like men that are, well, men.


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