Why It’s Smart To Kill for Your Belief (and Stupid to Die for It)?

Free access to scriptures religious leaders try to censor

Say somebody says you’re guilty. Or say somebody says you’re “wrong” or evil.

The first thing that’ll come up in your mind is not, “is it true?”

Think about it. Who cares it’s true or not. The statement doesn’t even pass the disprovable test. You can’t ask most political argument in sceptic stackexchange. What they said has no truth value. I mean, name one political statement in favor or against anything. I am not saying it’s false. Think for a while if it actually means anything at all scientifically.

The first thing people realize when they are said to be evil is how to make people believe differently.

If people think I am evil I am death.

Ask the jews that survived death camp. What matters is not facts, but beliefs, and words change beliefs.

So people kill for words. That looks like a very smart strategy for me. Evil. Yes. Stupid? No.

I still remember a humor where an engineer is about to be guillotined and the guillotine is stuck. All the other prisoners are freed already because the executioner think it’s God’s intervention. The engineer, however said, “I think I know what’s wrong.”

If the whole world think that God want all of you to give me $1000, trying to explain the truth is stupid. It’s way smarter to actually promote the idea, and kill the infidel.

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