Why is Prostitution Illegal?

Free access to scriptures religious leaders try to censor


Because most males can’t afford them. It’s the same reason why polygamy is
illegal. To ration females in equal share for everyone. I also totally agree with Jason’s answer.

Well not all married women will be out of biz, but it’ll be much tougher for alimony seeking vipers to get clients if they have to compete with cheaper hotter eastern european babes.

Read Matt Ridley’s red queen or any normal evolutionary psychology book.

It’s already science. It’s the reason why I am an agnostic.

Prostitution is effectively a privatized marriage. Prohibition of prostitution is then a price control. Plain and simple.

In prostitution women’s right of her body is respected. She decides the price, which will be very high if legal given that all the richest males would bid too. She decides who she can mate with. If she only want to sell her self to Brad Pitt or Bill Gates, rather than to someone single, it’s up to her. If she wants to give discount for richer smarter taller men, it’s up to her. If she wants high salary with no severance pay, it’s up to her. If she want her mate to only pay for his children, in exchange of getting richer mates that are willing to pay more, it’s up to her.

Everything is up to her.

In marriage, she decides little. Government, rather than consumers, or often religious leaders, decide who she can mate with and on what terms.

In Taliban women can only marry Taliban supporters. So the Taliban is effectively the pimp of all women for they, rather than the women, decide who and on what terms women can mate.

In US, she can only marry single men, which usually of lower quality for not being able to attract even a single mate. Same reasoning. Congress has effectively become the pimp against women’s wish.

Marriage means women need to charge less to poorer males. A housewife is a job with low salary and high severance pay. What kind of job have that kind of arrangement? The one whose deal made by government rather than consenting parties.

That effectively kick the rich out of mating market. As all price control, it causes market distortion and inefficient allocation of resources, which leads to poverty. Now, this market distortion is the biggest market distortion ever. It’s virtually the single cause of all poverty in the world.

The mere act of pointing this out will often meet harsh ad hominem attack by facists for no logical reason.

NB: My maid’s sister got married and the husband just left leaving debt. It’s not even illegal. The law does nothing against that type of behavior. I saw many poor kids begging on the street. It’s NOT illegal to beget kids into poverty. Yet when some rich males consensually attract women on terms they agree, it’s a crime.

My class mate got married. She wanted a divorce but her husband does not let her. That’s what marriage really is in most countries: Legalized rape.

Why not let the women decide? Because those in power don’t like what
free women will decide. Just like slave owners do not like slaves
deciding to be free, the same way powerful politicians do no want us to freely decide terms of our consensual arrangements. When we choose, we don’t choose them. That’s why.

To persuade women to agree to get married, quite obviously those rapists need to prohibit better arrangements. In Taliban, women can’t even work to effectively force them to get married.

So no, I don’t hate women. I do not advocate rape or forcing. But that’s what forcing truly means, taking away all better alternatives under outrageous irrational, and hence naturally religious, pretexts.

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