Why is it Politically Incorrect to say That Women are Sex Objects?

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Biologically speaking, every organism, be it males and females are sex objects. That’s how sexual species reproduce. I mean my tom cat is sex object. My tabby cat is sex object. The polen and the flowers are sex objects.

They are usually sex objects for certain other organism that can improve their reproducing capability by recognizing the sexual use of another organism. So I suspect many human males would think that human females are sex object too.

Not that I do. I mean of course not. I respect women. It’s just that I think many other human males would. Those who aren’t have gone extinct.

Another thing I am confused with, why is it so politically incorrect, in the west, and it seems only in the west, to think that way?

One would say that westerners value equality between men and women.

Fine. Let’s reverse the gender.

Imagine Selena Gomez has a recorded bathroom chat. Imagine she says, “If you’re pretty, you can do anything. You can grab billionaires in the cock and they would let you.”

Would anyone have a gasp? Would republicans would say, “No man should ever be talked like that.”

If anything any men would think that Selena is a very nice girl I should try to get close to and hope that may be I get lucky.

Would anyone says, saying that men are sex objects are demeaning or offensive?

It’s politically incorrect to think that women are sex objects, yet it’s okay to think that men are sex objects.

Isn’t that sexist? Isn’t those crying sexism is the one being sexist?

And worse than that, it’s sexism condoned and even encouraged by government. Racism and sexism by itself is totally harmless under market mechanism because the market takes care of everything anyway.

But may be I am missing something. Look, this sort of thing bothers me a lot. Can anyone explain?

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