Why Inconsistencies

Free access to scriptures religious leaders try to censor

I wonder why conservatives like free market but not commercialized sex? It’s okay for some guy to make tons of money. It’s okay for shops to get lots of customers. It’s okay for large corporations to capture the whole market share and deprive small bizs out of customers.

Yet, when it comes to sex and reproduction, suddenly, trades are not okay, in the eye of conservatives? Most conservatives have knee jerk reaction that sex must be within monogamous marriage, that transactional sex must be illegal.

Yes, the liberal are that way too but many Christian conservatives are even more so. Why the inconsistency? If I ask liberals/progressives, their answer will be consistent.

They think greed, in general, is bad and capitalism is bad. So they think prostitution is rich guys exploiting women like rich guys exploiting workers.

I disagree with liberals/progressives. However, at least their answer is consistent. Greed is bad in their eyes for both most goods and reproduction.However, with conservatives, there is this inconsistency. Why?

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