Why I Sometimes Use Words Like Chinks?

Free access to scriptures religious leaders try to censor

Actually I may have known that chinks mean something derogatory though I don’t feel the words.

However, sometimes I feel annoyed with all these “protecting minority” attitude. I feel, as a chinese, want to say, we don’t care what you think. Just embrace free market and let’s make money and more money so everyone is happy. Not sure how other chinese feel though.

Root of all evil is trade restriction. Minimum wage is there to artificially protect whites from having to compete against black. War on drugs are really war on blacks. Hitler wouldn’t have been able to kill many jews if jews can easily immigrate to US. Talibans would pay a high price for stoning their women if those women can simply move to other countries with more attractive offers.

No women would have to put up with poor abusive wife beating husband if that women can be concubines to richer smarter millionaires.

Yet we have all these hypocricy of protect minority, protect women, yada yada yada…

As some of those people that are supposedly “protected” I want to say, enough.

Well, you want to protect some chinese? 10 years ago some burglars stole my digital camera and stuffs. Why not impose death penalty against repeated burglars and legalize drugs. I am sure most people, chinese or not, will feel much more protected.

@Harold, don’t get a wife. EVER. But do breed. Now how exactly you do that is where the question is.

I had sunday school teachers that get orgasm weekly from me. She did it for free. Beware of girls that do it for free. She may actually want marriage.

I have another girl that want to divorce her husband and be my concubines. Those were 2 beautiful girls. Some of the most beautiful girls in my high schools. Daughters of rich people.

So I learn from my experience. At the end, as my business coach told me, you always pay 🙂 But may be there’s a cheaper way. The book is about to show what the problem is. I am still seeking solutions.

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