Why I love the Market

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There was a time when I bought stuff from some store and sell it at eBay, pocketing the difference. I soon realize that I’ll make far more money by just promoting other stores and collecting commissions rather than doing the stuff.

That was 20 years ago. I was in US.

So I created a program to scan email addresses and email them an affiliate link. I can’t afford mass mail software so I code one myself. My first check was $1700 in a week. That’s the day I realized I never have to look for a job anymore.

Then I got an email from someone. She claimed she is a single mother of 3/4 kids and that I am taking away her only source of income.

I may be more empathetic and neutral now. However, at that time, I didn’t feel guilty at all.

I can code, she can’t. The market (praises be upon it) chose to give me her market share and hence her money. It felt just fair to me.

I remember seeing almost half of my income gone through tax. Then I saw someone else pay for food using food stamp.

I can code. She can’t. Yet a communist government decides to take my money and give it to her.

I remember going to an interview at Caltech. Everyone talks about how a girl (she’s white) is going to get in. After she left, I ask, how can she get in? Her GRE for Math and Analytical is only 600. I scored almost perfect, I don’t think I’ll get in. They said because she’s a woman.

Then. This single mom told me to stop. She’s a citizen. She has kids. If it’s up to the commies, she deserves all the money. If it’s up to politicians, her pecking orders are way off the chart. I can do anything, and everyone will say she deserves the money.

If it’s up to the market, none of that matters. The market only cares about what I can do, not my citizenship, not my gender, not my race, nothing else, to be honest.

I would say, that’s the first time in my life, I feel someone treated me very fairly in money. Of course, that someone isn’t a person. That someone is called the market.

It also tells me that I do not have to argue whether the free market is fair or not. I can just choose the market to be my boss.

It took years and a lot more learning before I can be truly successful. However, I still remember fondly of my first few successful businesses, the base and foundation, of my other bizs.

Until today, I still love capitalism.

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