Why I do not Feel I am Demeaning Anyone

Free access to scriptures religious leaders try to censor

I rarely post here. I just want to say that if anyone feel offended with anything I am posting, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE just block me or tell me openly so I can block you.

I am blocking people that express disgust without pointing out where I am wrong.

I just want to make it clear that I do not feel like I am demeaning women or any human being in anyway.

I am definitely not racist. I like Thomas Sowell that is black and Milton Friedman that is jewish.

My girlfriends are also women. That means I can’t possibly be a misogynist.

I myself is not white but I like Adam Smith.

To me, hating and demeaning someone means lying, forcing, limiting others’ freedom. I do not see how consensually trading with someone is demeaning in anyway.

To me, what’s demeaning is restricting other people’s freedom.

I feel demeaned when people say drugs, gambling, prostitution, and pimping should be illegal.

All those can be consensual and we already have laws against poisoning, fraud, rape, and slavery.

Am I an idiot that average IQ voters have right to decide what is good or bad for me more than my self?

Are we dogs or slave that we have to give any fuck on people that are useless to us? Are voters our lord that they have right to tell us to lick their boot?

I feel demeaned when someone says they have right to our tax money just because someone else need it to breed kids they can’t afford. Are those majestic welfare parasites our lord and kings that we have to care about them?

Few things are as demeaning as being forced or even persuaded to spend money to support other people children. So some feckless father have 10 children and you, tax payers, have to support their children?

Who are those feckless fathers? Superior human beings? Are their children so genetically superior that you have to support their children?

If they are so superior, why don’t they make a lot of money under this fair and generous capitalism?

My bosses paid me to get me do what I want. Even though things don’t work out, I feel appreciated and respected when I am well paid.

I once worked providing redirectors. A white businessman told me he paid me fast and well for my programming work. I felt respected.

I then used the money I got from being their employee, so to speak, to buy bitcoin.

If a smart pretty girls treat me like whores, or gigolo, I will be very proud and happy.

I do not feel demeaned when people do mutually beneficial trade with me. So I cannot understand that saying things should be based on trade is somehow demeaning to anyone.

I’ve been an employee my self. I don’t feel demeaned being hired. I cannot understand the connection between being paid and demeaning.

I am proud to be paid. I am proud to paying. Paying and be paid is the most fair way to get anything from anyone.

I do not feel doing mutually beneficial transaction, as long as it is consensual, win win, and not misleading, to be in anyway demeaning.

It is precisely because I see something as human beings I trade with them. I don’t trade with chairs, or cats, or pigs. I trade with humans.

For the same reason I don’t see chairs, cats, or pigs as sex objects either.

I don’t understand how paying someone and seeing that person as a sex object means I am not treating them as humans. What’s the connection? Is this some eurocentrist bullshit I am too brown to understand?

Also it’s not true that I see most women as sex objects. I actually don’t see any women here as sex objects at all. None are pretty enough, close enough, and cost effective enough for me.

Everyone is, in a sense, equal under capitalism. Capitalism is the most fair AND HUMANE way to treat other humans being.

It fairly reward and motivate people to provide value for others. All other system are exploitative and demeaning.

Just look at how humans are treated in South Korea vs North Korea. Just look at how sugar daddies pamper sugar babies compared to husbands with less money.

And if you think the sugar babies are exploited and wives are respected, that’s just your opinion. Why not let the women choose?

If you disagree, you can do two things. You can show me where I am wrong. I would love to hear that. Or….. You can keep saying I am an incel, that I treat women like object, I am sexist, bla bla bla… Those are not even well defined.

But hei, save all of us trouble. Just block me if you don’t like me.

I am sorry that I like capitalism. It’s just too awesome. I think most things should be treated like the market.

Should a baby lives or aborted? Who are in demand of the baby lives and how much are they willing to pay?

Should women give heirs, be a stripper, or be an engineer? How much each job is paying, and why not let the women choose?

That’s the capitalistic way. Any other way means you are controlling others’ people life.

Any other way is slavery. Any way that’s not capitalism is slavery.

And slavery is demeaning.

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