Why I discourage marriage a lot?

Free access to scriptures religious leaders try to censor

Well there are many reason. However, perhaps one story should illustrate my point.

One day I was reading an anti polygamy forum. I am not advocating polygamy as I detest all marriage, but I read anyway out of curiosity.

One guy blurted. We got to prohibit polygamy. In my neighbor there is still one male that doesn’t have a wife yet.

My first reaction is, so what?

So what if some guys doesn’t get laid? Yea that’s sad, but that’s his problem. Not mine. If I am rich I want to bang a lot. If I am poor, I don’t need any women.

Also if some guy don’t get laid, maybe something is wrong with him. Maybe he’s not rich yet. May be he’s not attractive enough yet. Why not let the women decide.

So what if some guy don’t get laid?

Well here is what.

The vote for that guy dictate your marital terms.

So you see. Marriage is not about what’s best for you. So many people say that marital terms are made to protect women, or protect men. No. Marital terms are there to protect that one guy that doesn’t get laid yet.

That’s the reason why we have monogamy. That’s the reason why alimony laws are financially devastating for the rich. It’s not for the men obviously. It’s not for the women either.

Many women would rather share a rich smart men than be the only one for the poor. I, as a man, would rather share a smart beautiful girl rather than be the only one for the ugly.

It’s for that one shagless guy that don’t get laid yet.

In muslim countries sex outside marriage is prohibited. So what?

Getting married doesn’t seem to be such a hassle. Yea just get married. Here’s the thing.

The interest of those in power decides marital terms.

You see why all the hatred? They want to impose their interests to you. It’s that simple. Obviously one of those interests are rationing women to them. All under non sense pretext of God’s will or even women’s interest.

Here is what max out women’s interest. Let them choose. Duh…

That’s how I hate marriage.

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