Why I am a Centrist

Free access to scriptures religious leaders try to censor

I used to think crony capitalism as awesome. Teach those peasants that we need capitalism or else. Those that are prevented from getting rich due to socialism get rich anyway through crony capitalism. Capitalism all the way dumbass.

Then I got fucked over by many people. By my ex-employee turning competitors. By my lawyer. By an insurance company.

My friends laugh. You like free market so much? Yet, it’s not the government that screw you. You bought insurance from free market.

When my ex employee competed against me, they told me, see? The market just correct itself.

Yet, a guy, named Ahok, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Basuki_Tjahaja_Purnama , did his best to clear up corruption. Rivers are clean. Roads are fixed. Flood is gone. No more bribe is necessary to get shit approved. Money is used efficiently, just like what my liberal friends say. Put a good guy on government we’ll get this fixed.

I thought it’s impossible. I thought governments can do nothing good. Well, Ahok governs my city better than my own governing of my own business. My government treats me more fairly than those scammy private entities.

I realized that I am on the same side as the poor. I am a fool too. I am easily scammed. Those evil people laughing their way to the bank with my money. Yes, I am good at coding and math, but that’s all.

So, I began to think, socialism, sucks, but if we rearrange it well, it’s better than chrony capitalism. I begun to have some interests with hybrid systems like Georgism. At least under democracy, or georgism everyone got the same loot and they don’t give incentive for people to loot more.

Then, I don’t know what’s right. It’s complex. Ahok went to jail under “blashphemy”. The chrony capitalists win again, as usual, taking advantage of the mass gullibility and conflict of interests among voters.

I just gave up minding my own business.

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