Why HomoPhobia?

Free access to scriptures religious leaders try to censor

I think I am going to do some analysis here. In free market, if people are different than you, then you are happy.

So some guys are gay. The rest are happy. Those gay men like Ricky Martin don’t compete with us. He’s super handsome, he attracted many beautiful girls, and because he’s gay, we don’t have to compete with that guy and all his kind. He probably take another alpha male or otherwise alpha male with him.

In democracy, people that are different than you vote differently than you.For example, you don’t like people wanting syariah or socialism because they vote differently.

Western society has monogamy norm. Those norms actually benefit mainly men and hence supported by most men. Monogamy norms allow men to aim for prettier girls. Without those norms, women would share richer smarter guys and most guys are not richest smartest. Most guys don’t qualify for Mensa.

Would gay men support those norms? No. Doesn’t make sense for them at all.

Of course, one natural consequences of this issue is that gay and lesbians actually have more freedom than heterosexual.

Most libertarians are probably confused why gay people wants government to recoqnize gay marriage given that marriage sucks anyway.

One policy of republican party in US is to enforce this monogamic norms. I think that’s a far worse socialism than even the libtards. However, it does keep society more stable. Which is also the case for socialism.

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