Why Hitler is Wrong to Kill Jews?

Free access to scriptures religious leaders try to censor

The key to world peace is better selection of scapegoats.

I propose we all should pick ugly bitches as scapegoats.

You see, ugly bitches would make much more suitable scapegoats.

1. Ugly bitches can’t fight back anyway. Jews are too powerful.

2. Ugly bitches control the media. That explains why romance got G rating and porn got XXX rating, limiting the audience scope. Most Jews live in countries with freedom of speech and hence can’t possibly control the media. The only censorship on those countries are mainly against porn.

3. Ugly bitches are undesirable. Jewish babes can be hot unless she’s ugly.

The next time ugly bitches bring us to war by promoting criminalization or taxation of peace catalysts, such as porn and commercialized sex, we should exterminate them.

I should post this in some skinhead forums I guess 🙂

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