Why Feminists are so Mysogynists?

Free access to scriptures religious leaders try to censor

You make a good point. Prostitution is there anyway and it hurts nobody. So why not make it legal? If some girls got beaten up forced or tricked, we have laws for that already namely against battery, rape, and fraud.

My biggest concern is women in poor country. I am sure they are not happy with males available there. Especially women in Afghanistan where they can get stoned. I am sure 90% of beautiful girls there honestly would rather go to europe even though they ended up becoming sugar babies rather than a wife. I think having a “wife” status is overvalued.

Well, when those women come they are called trafficked. Again if some fraud and force is involved, we already have laws for that right?

What about girls that come out of greed? What about women that honestly and correctly believe that they can get much higher pay for sexual service in richer countries?

Shouldn’t they have right to be greedy? Aren’t women human too with right to be as selfish and greedy as any men?

Hey, a long time ago I did came to US out of greed. Salary was higher there. I don’t feel exploited. I am grateful to my boss for paying me a lot providing me with capital I can use to start a business here.

Why women that want to be sex workers are not treated like programmers like me? Why can’t women enjoy the same privilege males have, namely having society respecting their choice as their self interest without too much second guessing?

I am a man, and I enjoy doing things my way and choosing my own path. Quite often my path is a path everyone else think is bad.

I enjoy raising my middle finger laughing at all those moron and mediocres that don’t see the profit of what I choose.

Why beautiful girls don’t have the same right? If they think being sugar babies is better and societies think otherwise, why can’t they just raise their middle finger and tell societies to just go fuck themselves like any men would do if societies try to run our life?

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