Why Evolution Theory and Economic Theory are Awesome?

Free access to scriptures religious leaders try to censor

All cultures are about the same. We kill males and save women and children because decisions are made by males and males see other males as competitors. The chinese do it. The jews do it. The muslims do it. The europeans do it.

If you have one simple theory that can correctly predict humans behavior at such a huge range, that’s one damn good theory. Those theory is evolution theory and economy. Put “maximize reproductive success” in economic’s utility function, tada, you got humans behavior.

Thijmen, your formula is too complicated. I am sure it can be further simplified by realizing that at each minute pass, the long arm of the clock travel 6 degree and the short end travel only .5 degree. So each minute the difference change by 5.5 degrees. What I need is not people that can regurgitate what’s being taught. I need people that can think for them selves. A high IQ elementary school kids can. A low IQ college graduate cannot.

Another thing I am allergic about low IQ people is that when they don’t know the answer they put something up and “be sure” about it. It’s when you ask them to explain you realize they’re full of shit. That is extremely dangerous for bizs.

Those low IQ people need to do the same thing again and again. Not bad. They can be extremely rich doing so. But not programmer. I could use some of them. But there are things we can do that they simply can’t.

Speaking of culture, I am not really sure, but don’t you think I am the one most blunt here? Sex and violents are the 2 important points that decide who stays in the gene pool.

All cultures try to be “polite” about it. We censor it from kids, we say it damage morality. All those are like those poor co pilot. Then our children crash. They faced huge alimony. They ended up getting married to assholes. They’re not maximizing their profit. They may even get killed.

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