Why do We Need Democracy?

Free access to scriptures religious leaders try to censor

What is the point of democracy? Overall it’s good. Few countries are more successful than democracy. Notable exceptions are Singapore, Qatar, VOC, and EIC. But how?

Most of the time we don’t even need democracy. We vote with our wallet and foot. We do not care at all whether Microsoft, or Apple, or Google, or Burger King or Pizza Hut, is governed democratically or not.

Customers are kings without having to bother voting on how corporations should be run.

So why then, democracy is very useful, in governing a country?

There is this trick here that NAP rules tend to lead to an economically efficient outcome. For example, both Burger King and Pizza Hut will try to cook delicious food. They will not put guns on our head to tell us to buy. Nor shall we force them to give food for free.

In most cases, NAP is achieved through a referee. The referee is usually a very powerful organization called government. If I put a gun on Burger King employee I will go to jail. So I don’t.

What about if I put gun on my president’s head? What about if I commit a coup against the legitimate government?

Can my government like, call the UN? No.

There is no sovereign over sovereigns.

If Suharto, or Saddam rules a country, they really rule. You can’t call the police on that.

Suharto and Saddam is not the only problem. Look at all the poor people in Venezuela. They don’t cause problems in US right? Look at the poor people in US. They do cause problem.

Or look at what some muslims do to Charlie Hebdo.

Like it or not, those who live near you will have power over you. It is better that they exercise it via voting rather than coup or civil war.

In fact, most democratic countries pretty much give those power away to all adult humans. Democracy is awesome if we compare that to civil wars.

Imagine a corporation that gives their employees shares. That’s actually a wise move. When large number of people have a stake on the well being of an organization, then the organization will go well. I myself arrange that my employee own some shares on my bizs.

The problem is that giving away right and power for nothing is often a bad idea. For example, there are cradle to grave welfare recipients that just vote for more and more socialism. No country allow anyone to come in and vote. If there is one, the Chinese will be very interested.

The biggest problem of democracy is that people often do not need to contribute anything to get the right to vote. If instead of giving away right people have to earn their right first, we’ll eliminate a lot of conflict of interests.

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