Why Capitalism Thrives Despite its’ Weakness

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Like all ideology, capitalism has a weakness. Can capitalism win the war? Not by much. Well. Capitalism isn’t a war ideology, to be honest.

Capitalist countries have an edge in war. Capitalism can bring wealth that’ll put huge output on the war machine.

That’s how the US won. The US outproduced many many more ships and stuff than the Japanese.

So yea, the society with capitalism, can win wars. However, Capitalism isn’t a war ideology and don’t have many edges compared to others.

The US lost Vietnam war against peasants. Capitalists can’t stomach too much lost of humans’ life. Many things, probably essential to war at that time, like the draft, went against capitalistic principles.

Can it win the election? Barely. People vote based on what they think will work, not on what’s working. What’s working may influence what they think will work, but not by much.

Religions and communism can win the election just as well, if not more than capitalism.

Socialism win election in Venezuela.

Religions and socialism promised good things for many people. Good, believable things. Are those real? Does it work? Most likely, no. But again, promises and beliefs count much more in the election than real results.

So we have this ideology that merely gives better results. It doesn’t win the war easily and doesn’t win the election easily.

All capitalism does is give better results and prosperity for the people. That looks pretty bleak.

How can an ideology gets adopted if it can’t win the war or can’t win the election?

Miraculously, the world is getting more and more capitalistic?

And that’s because of competition among nations.

If we use reasoning, results hardly matter. There are so many ways to convince dumb voters or soldiers that bad plans are awesome.

However, when we try different things and see results, results matter because it influences believe so directly. Everyone can see the result.

Even the poor in South Korea is better off than the poor in North Korea. Even the poor in the US is better off than the poor in Venezuela.

I think that’s the reason why this weak ideology, called capitalism, can thrive. Not through promises or rhetoric or philosophy or argument.

Capitalism thrives when the world can try many different things, and more capitalistic countries are richer.

Capitalism thrives when the results matter. Capitalism thrives when governments themselves compete like businesses.

So if we want even more capitalism and prosperity, we need to make governments compete like fuck.

Then everybody wins.

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