Why Black Lives Matter is Worse than Racist

Free access to scriptures religious leaders try to censor

Thomas Sowell

The slogan itself is racist enough, but the truth is worse than what you think. Those people don’t care about black lives. They don’t care about innocent black lives. They care about the lives of those who are dangerous.

They said black life matters because black people are their mascots.

Imagine you are a voter. Imagine that a major is in an election and wants some measure to say reduce crimes. The major says I will make cops more trigger happy.

That will reduce murder in our city by 10 people. However, the numbers of robbers shot will increase by 1.5? Would you vote for that guy?

I would do so even if 1000 robbers will die. That’s what I am saying. The risk of getting shot by cops in US is already very small. The risk of doing that if the one getting caught isn’t resisting is even smaller.

Why worry about small risks? The risk of being robbed is high though.

Given that I am a programmer and don’t work as robbers, higher death risks of a robber does not concern me at all.

I am quoting a black guy whose opinion I respect. That proofs I am NOT racist at all. Anyone that think I am racist is I don’t know. Strange I guess.

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