Why Ahok Case Happens

Free access to scriptures religious leaders try to censor

Why didn’t Ahok appeal?

He didn’t appeal because shit can go higher. Also, his proponents are burning candles all over the world. Indonesia can “split” because of the controversy.

He did PK (review to supreme court straight). The supreme court upheld his conviction.

The supreme court says that the law prohibits what he did and if you don’t like it the place to do so is in the legislative branch of government. There are efforts to change that to the legislative branch of government. Two parties PDIP and PSI, want to change the law. PSI is more militant but doesn’t fill the parliamentary threshold. It has too many progressive agenda.

PDIP is Ahok’s ally. However, in politic, it’s probably not working as advertised. PDIP, being an old party, is as corrupt as any other party. Most members of the legislative branch don’t like Ahok. He doesn’t just eliminate corruption. He Muslim many legal perks that he thinks is spendthrift. Things like the budget for politicians traveling overseas.

So people use religion telling muslims that they cannot vote for non-Muslim governor. Their justification is a verse in Quran that says that you should not have as a “trusted person” or “allies”. The actual arabic word is alwiyah or something. You got to ask a real muslims.

Of course, Muslims ally themselves with Muslims Muslims all the time even when they fight among themselves. Syria comes to mind, and it’s quite far fetched to think some 7th century book to talk about voting. Even political parties that oppose Ahok would help promote non . candidates in other provinces.

Ahok said, jokingly, you are being lied to by using scripture. He tries to tell some fishermen that his program will still help them even if they got a new governor.

Someone post the stuff eliminating the word “using” So many people see as you are lied to by scripture. When it’s found out things already got a bit “big”

Then lots of theologist start framing his statement. Some say that Muslims can be lied to by using scripture. The scripture cannot lie. Another says that Ahok accuses the Ulama of lying. Of course ulama, are just an arabic word for “scholars”

Latter-on, we have cases of people using Quran for corruption, and another company uses umroh travel agents defrauding their customers. Again, Ahok’s opponent claim that those cases are different because it doesn’t change religious laws.

We have another case of other figure (Ahok’s opponent, a radical muslim) also saying that people (the Syiah) are using quranic verses for lying. Almost exact words like Ahok said. The argument is that it’s okay for Muslims to comment on their own religion.

Then we have tons and tons of demonstrations. Usually, all court cases are postponed till until election. However, Jokowi, possibly mistakenly, decided to make the trial public, perhaps thinking that the case is so weak anyway.

Now anyone that doesn’t like Ahok (about 58% of voters) just come up with so many ways to justify that Ahok is guilty.

The article used to screw Ahok says that people must not deliberately express feeling that’s Arabic hostile to religion.

Here, the word deliberately should modify the world “express feeling that’s essentially hostile to religion”.

However, the judge interprets the word deliberately to modify only “express feeling”. Of course, anyone expresses feeling deliberately. If latter, without the defendant, know, his words are deemed “hostile to religion” then that’s illegal.

Of course, you’ll never know whether your words are “hostile to religions” when you said that. Most Muslim just laugh when Ahok made the joke.

The opposition simply says that those Muslims are not “expert” and so “don’t know”.

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