When People Commit Evil in the Name of Religion, Should We Blame the Religion or Human Nature?

Free access to scriptures religious leaders try to censor

Human nature. And that’s precisely the problem with religion. Most influential religious dogma are simply sugar coated human nature. The fact that it needs to be coated shows that it’s actually something we would normally be repulsive.

I don’t know if God is behind any religion. Maybe God is indeed behind the original religion. A BIG IF, whatever that mean. However it means practically nothing because we’re not following the original religion. We are following modern interpretation of ancient religion.

While I don’t know if God is behind any religion, I know for sure that corrupt officials and tyrants are behind most religious doctrines.

Religious dogma are mostly simply interests of religious leaders. Ever heard christians want false prophet to be put to death? It’s in the bible, but no christians will want to condemn Benny Hinn for speaking false prophecy. Benny Hinn is pro family and people embrace prejudice.

Yet christians would be the first to condemn prostitutes, gay, and alcohol, most of which are only lightly mentioned, and possibly not an issue at all during the bible era. The 2 women that brought their case to Solomon were prostitute and they openly address the king for justice.

Even if God exist, 95% of religion, is not will of God. It’s simply will of those corrupt officials that want to raise meat price and enslave us.

However, religion is the tool of tyrants and religious leaders. Why would you embrace tools of tyrants and religious leaders.

Religion, at least now, is not helping. It just muddy things up.

If I told you, you got to pay me cash or God will send you to hell, you would have figured out that obviously I made that up.

The same way religion is like that. There is always the interest of some religious leaders in every religious doctrine. I don’t mean the interests in the past. I mean interests now.

And no, it’s not by God’s mercy we have air to breath. We evolve for trillions of years to live through oxygen. God didn’t create oxygen for us. We adapt to our environment. Maybe I am wrong. Not that wrong.

Even if God exist, I would rather learn from a jew than a muslim. The jews I know are as clueless and questioning as I am.

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