What We Can Learn from Lebanon Israel Conflict

Free access to scriptures religious leaders try to censor

Thousands would march to oppose death penalty. Even Israel abolishes death penalty. When someone murder, kill, burglarize, rob, rape, flay, torture, whatever, that person must not die. Politicians will come up with thousands of reasons why it’s bad to kill bad guy.

Let me try to paraphrase it.

Say you have a beautiful 14 years old daughter. Say someone break into your apartment. Rob you all your wealth. Rape your daughter. Flay her alive. Slowly killing her for 6 months.

Say a miracle happens. Say God himself interferes. Say Jesus come from heaven to earth, videotapes everything, and give the tape to Mossad.

Say an even bigger miracle happens. Say someone in Israel governments think that the case worth investigating.

Now the asshole is brought to jail. Will he get death penalty? Here’s a hint. No. Will Samir Kuntar get death penalty. No. In fact, his accomplice, Ahmed Abarrass, is freed. Yap. You read me. Freed. That guy murder 4 Israel civilians. He’s a free man, drinking beer and sleeping with women now among the crowds worshipping him as hero.

Sniff sniff. That’s pretty touchy. Israel governments must be a really benevolent government choosing not to harm even such a monster.

Ah… I am making this up. The first is just theory. The second is unsual circumstances.

So here is another example:

Kozo Okamoto was one of the members involved in the attack on the Israeli Lod airport, now Ben Gurion International Airport, in 1972. He was jailed in Israel following the Tel Aviv airport attack. In May 1985, Okamoto was freed in an exchange of prisoners between Israeli and Palestinian forces. Subsequently, he was imprisoned in Lebanon for three years for forging visas and passports. The Lebanese authorities granted Okamoto asylum in 1999 because he fought against Israel.

I know, prisoners exchange, have some uses. However, most Lebanese would be much more pleased if Israel chooses not to attack their country even if that means not freeing some murderers. No international condemnation would come from condemning a violent terrorist to death.

What sorts of governments, including Israel governments, kill then?

Take a look at this:


Yet, those same politicians would come up with thousands of reasons why thousands of businessmen must die.

Lebanon economy is a free market economy. It’s a rare country that gets rich mainly from doing things right rather than from oil or war. It’s just like the Jews used to be in Europe. And that’s also why they are whacked.

We have the Nazi, the communists, etc. etc.

Virtually all governments kill way more successful peaceful businessmen than assholes.

That’s another sample how humans’ instinctive natures and emotions are geared to kill the peaceful and successful.

What do you think?

NB: I thought the Jews were different. I was wrong. Well, welcome to the club then. It’ll give a whole new meaning of being human isn’t it?

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