What we Agree

Free access to scriptures religious leaders try to censor

Maybe I should just concentrate on what we agree on.

I agree that men want fertile girls and assurance of paternity. I totally agree. The first one is actually instinctive. Men like young women (legal age, I suppose). So young women 18-23 has higher sexual market value.

Should men get married?

If I live 200 years ago, I would. That’s how to ensure paternity in ancient time.

Now, we have paternity tests. Marriage institution has also changed. Adultery is legal and in many western states, husbands are responsible for the child even if it’s not his.

A marriage institution is like any government infested institution. It’s like education. It gets worse and more expensive while technology is getting cheaper and more reliable.

Do men like whores? You know to form a family?

It depends. I wouldn’t marry a whore. That being said, I wouldn’t marry anyone. Would I form a family with whore or sex workers, or stripper, or porn star? No problem.

What about if she’s not loyal? There is financial incentive for that. I don’t mind sharing if that means sharing her costs with another rich friend. Most of the time, it’s the girl that doesn’t want to be shared.

What about paternity certainty? There is paternity tests. Can’t fool that.

Of course, I wouldn’t marry a whore. I won’t because I hate marriage. Other men won’t because by getting married you open issues I don’t have.

What about if she doesn’t love you? What about if she leave you with half or all of your money? What about if she makes you responsible for kids that’s not yours?

By keeping everything transactional and by avoiding marriage, I will never have those issues.

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