What is a Good Father?

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What is a good father? Can you tell me what you think and WHY?

What do I mean by why?

Say Bob beats up his children to death. Charlie raise his children to be successful start up founders. Which one is a better father?

Most people would say Charlie. But why? Well, because Charlie will produce richer smarter children, with pulses and all.

So, the point is, not just you got to tell me what you THINK is a good father, but you got to see some higher purpose of why you think fathers with certain traits are better father. And that higher purpose should be something we tend to agree more and measurable.

Here, I think Charlie is a better father because his children will be richer and smarter and in return will give Charlie richer and smarter grand children. And we can measure that. For example, we can measure if sugar daddies that have children with high IQ whores tend to have richer and smarter children than say, normal monogamous couple.

Without reasons, people can say anyone is a good father. I could, for example, say, Bob is a better father. Why? Because I say so. Why aren’t you listening to reasons and advices and my opinions bla bla. And that’s pretty much how everyone has been dealing with me.

They said that good fathers give hugs, change diapers, and teach boundary. But they never explain how changing diapers, teaching boundary, or giving hugs produce richer children or some objective we can have more consensus is important, such as being wealthy.

What is the GOAL here? It’s like they think without a goal at all?

Now, what do you think is your definition of better father and what is the goal you want to achieve by that definition. Please explain what sort of traits make good father and what sort of measurable goals fathers with those traits achieve.

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