What I think is Really Going on in George

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I do not think Chauvin will get convicted. Based on what I know this whole BLM is just bullshit and the prosecutor has no case at all.

Here is what I think is really going on.

George is carrying lots of fentanyl. In US, because all drugs and all soft drugs are illegal, people use crazy stuff like fentanyl. He may be a drug dealer or buyer.

When he got caught, he tried to eliminate evidence? How. By swallowing all those pills. Using drugs is legal. Possessing it is not. I know. Weird. Most people don’t know that. So George did a legal thing before getting caught. Using the drug instead of storing it in his pocket.

The one that kills him is those pills and war on drugs in general.

As for the cops putting knees on his neck? The knee was actually on his shoulder blade. He moved around too much and need to be restrained for his own safety. The cops called an ambulance too, which is a waste of taxpayer money.

The cops were trying to save him. He got close to the best of care anyone can get. There were guys, whites, blacks, that got shot by cops even though they do nothing wrong.

There are things that make black people die in the hand of cops. The number of those that are unarmed is like 25/year. However, cops’ racism is hardly an issue. Single mothers, war on drugs, a minimum wage that keeps blacks out of jobs, welfare that keeps giving incentive for poor people to reproduce, and lower IQ average is the main cause of their problems.
I do not think white people in US are very racist. If it were true, Asians would get shot more by cops and NBA will be full of whites. Also Nigerians won’t be doctors and Indians won’t be CEO.

Oh ya, George is a career criminal that put guns on some pregnant mother. I think the world is a better place when their kind is gone or exterminated. Too bad lots of shops need to burn down with it. I hope next time, shop owners grow some balls and kill those looters legally.

As someone that has been a victim of violence and thieves myself, I am happy every time some asshole died. So my opinion may be biased.
Just my 2 cents.


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