What does we mean by marriage?

Free access to scriptures religious leaders try to censor

It depends on what men mean by marriage. If what marriage means is any reasonable commitment to raise children, that kind of marriage, is of course useful.

However, if marriage here means government infested arrangements where the government declare the terms and the men pretty much pay their wife at the end of the relation ship like Jeff marriage or Bill Gates marriage, then I see absolutely no need for that.

I see absolutely no need why government need to get involved in marriage. What can you get by officiating your marriage and registering your marriage to the state. It doesn’t make sense at all.

Visitation right? Can’t you just make simple legal contract for that? Child custody right? Can’t you just make simple legal contract for that? Sex? Can’t you just pay for it?

What is the point of involving government or religion in so called marriage?

That is the issue.

I often says I hate marriage but, in a sense, what I wanted all my life is marriage. That is I want a few sugar babies I can knock up and share with my bros and possibly friends. I can use paternity tests to know which one is biologically mine and can be my heirs.

Why do we need “normal” government infested marriage?

Many people say kids that are born within wedlock have higher IQ and got richer. Again, the researchers do not define the word marriage clearly.

Say a man and a woman, or several man and several women, agree to live together and have children together. Is that marriage? Now tell me, how in the earth, registering their so called community as marriage to goverment, greatly improve the kids well being?

It’s the togetherness. The father making money. The mom managing the household is what makes the kids smart and rich.

Government recognition of marriage, at least in 21st century, has none to negligible benefit for anyone using it.

Ask any libertarian atheists.

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