What Can You do to Your Billionaires

Free access to scriptures religious leaders try to censor

Don’t ask what billionaires can do for you. Ask what your country can do for billionaires and for what price.

Rather than taxing the rich just for being rich, why not have optional service from government.

Things like extra protection.

Mug Bill Gates? Extra jail terms. We can see what rich people or anyone want to be protected from. Do they want to be protected from muggers or from porn or drugs?

Or license to do drugs. If billionaires use drugs openly and willing to pay extra for that, we will all see if it’s really good or not.

Things that are borderline legal, like prostitution, make them pay extra money to make it legal. That way things can be legal, and then we can see if it’s truly win win or not.

For example, if prostitutes that fuck billionares are better off, then we we know this whole anti prostitution laws can be relaxed a bit at a time.Or tax land. Government build infrastructures around those land. Most billionaires live in mansions. Obviously those infrastructures increase land value. They can’t escape land value taxes.

Basically think win win.

What can governments do for billionaires that will increase number of billionaires in your country. Billionaires are willing to pay a lot for so many things.

There are plenty of things governments can do for billionaires. Most of the money now go to lobbyist. Make billionaires bribe the people directly and cut the middleman. Give me monopoly and every voters get extra $1k. 12 billionaires doing it and you can have slightly more expensive ganja but extra 12k dollar a year.

What about 0 tax rate corporations like what they used to get in tax haven? Why let them incorporate in foreign account if they can create 0 tax rate corporations in their own country?

Ah lower tax support requirements so billionaires can have more children.

Most would want to raise family in your countries.

Think win win and fairness. You make far more money that way.

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