What Can We Agree?

Free access to scriptures religious leaders try to censor

Maybe I should just concentrate on what we agree on.

I agree that men want fertile girls and assurance of paternity. I totally agree. The first one is actually instinctive. Men like young women (legal age, I suppose). So young women 18-23 has higher sexual market value.

Should men get married?

If I live 200 years ago, I would. That’s how to ensure paternity in ancient time.

Now, we have paternity tests. Marriage institution has also changed. Adultery is legal and in many western states, husbands are responsible for the child even if it’s not his.

A marriage institution is like any government infested institution. It’s like education. It gets worse and more expensive while technology is getting cheaper and more reliable.

What about poverty? I too want to eliminate or reduce poverty.

I just don’t think redistribution of wealth as the way to go. Why took money from smart people and giving it to those who obviously can’t manage it?

Encouraging women to get married is also not a solution. Government messes up in education and healthcare and now you want the government to regulate sexual relationship?

The solution is less government, not more. Most smart pretty girls prefer the rich anyway. Let them whore themselves out to rich millionaires. The rich millionaires will have more biological heirs. Poverty will plummet in one generation.

What else can we agree on?

That poor kids have less chance to get rich? That women, under free market, are much less capable to make money than men? I mean they got to get pregnant for every baby make. How’s that work for interrupting career? That women can earn more money by being sex objects than doing mens’ job? That men tend to think that women are sex objects?
I agree with all those. I agree on fact.

I do not see those as problems to be fixed. I see that as natural order that should be embraced.
Anything else we agree?

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