Perhaps atheists are the only one truly save from comitting idolatry

Free access to scriptures religious leaders try to censor

Perhaps we are all idolatrous. Nowadays, people worship images of God in their mind.

In ancient time, idolaters are people that make images of God or gods. Just like ancient people craft statues and call it God. Now, our religious leaders craft images of God in our mind and tell us that’s the true God.

I know those are just images because different people have different images.

In Christianity, God is a triumvirate. In Judaism, God is one. In Hinduism, God has many theories.

For socialists, God is a socialist demanding huge redistribution of wealth. For capitalists, God is a capitalist giving more to those who have more ensuring that the greatest among us are those providing the best service to the most customers.

They can’t all be right. At most, only one of the image is correct. Even then, it’ll still be an image.

Even if those are snapshots of the true God (or gods), it’s still just snapshots. Not to mention corrupt snapshots given that everyone has intensive to make that snapshots fit their interests.

Perhaps the savest way to ensure we’re not committing idolatry is to become an atheist. Or perhaps, being agnosis is the right way to go, believing in God without images or knowledge whatsoever.

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