What about if something is believed, precisely because it’s false

Free access to scriptures religious leaders try to censor

Have you ever thought of something societies believe, precisely because it’s false.

In Poker, for example, people bluff precisely because they have bad card. If they have normal card they don’t raise bets. If they have good cards, they raise bets but that’s not bluffing.

When the flaks are near, the bombers are near target.

People with false beliefs don’t care about the truth. They launch flak and claim certain things are offensive precisely because those things are true.

For example, people say you can’t speak against someone “weak”.

The truth is, you can’t speak against someone, not because that person is weak but because that person is strong. You know who rules you by seeing who you can’t criticize.

So the idea that you can’t speak against, trans, for example, is because trans lobby is so strong that a mere less than 1% of population can make the rest bend over backward.

Or what about, self sacrifice? In my school, this is taught as a virtue. But what do I get if I am willing to sacrifice my self interests? Well, I am not even supposed to question it because that’s the whole point of self sacrifice, you don’t care what you get.

But then again, what do I get? Will people be more nice to me if I am not too selfish? What about if the truth is the opposite. What about if people will be nicer to me if I am selfish. If I am nice, I tend to do things to please people.

If I am selfish, I tend to do things only if it benefits me. So the only way people can motivate me to be beneficial to them is by mutually beneficially trading. When I was young I read a christian tractates. Women that want to be happy shouldn’t pick a rich man and man that want to be happy shouldn’t pick pretty women.

What about the truth is the exact opposite. Your dopamine and serotonin, will spike out if you get high quality sex partners? And that the idea that men shouldn’t aim for pretty women is spoken, precisely because it’s the opposite of what’s true.

We are told to respect women. What about if women actually look down on men that respect her.

We are told that paying women is abusive and men that see women as sex objects hate women. What about if the very reason why people think that way is because many very smart beautiful women like men that pay them and in return, treat them as sex objects?

Anything else? Something is believed precisely because it suggest something that is not true.

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