Welfare is the main cause of poverty

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There are things that I agree with woke. I think it’s immoral to have poverty in rich countries. I just disagree about why is that.

Poverty happens because of welfare. Welfare encourage poor people to breed. If parents are on welfare, chance is children are on welfare too.

Wokes concentrate too much on what government should do to make poor people rich. Wokes ignore who are reproducing. I think Bill Gates’ sons will be richer than welfare parasite sons even if they start of the same.

Woke think poverty happens due to lack of welfare.

Actually welfare that doesn’t encourage the poor to breed can be a good solution. Just pay people not to have children, for example. For the same amount money there will be less kids with poor dad.

Think about it. Even if governments spend money on education for poor kids, if the kids do not have talents or IQ to learn, then those are just wasted money. Rich people got what it takes to be rich. Poor people have less chance to do so.

However, any party that wants more vote will want to create large number of poor voters. Such party, like democrat party in US, will punish diligent productive people with income taxes and reward poor people for breeding with welfare.

Like, wokes, I also agree that white people are somewhat responsible with why the blacks are relatively poorer. Again, I disagree with the reasoning. The main cause is not slavery hundreds of years ago. The main cause of black poverty is again, welfare.

There are parasites in every race. There are people that due to lack of IQ or lack of common sense, genetically predestined to be parasites instead of say, start up founders.

In no other country in the world, parasites can breed 10 children expecting government to pay for it. Not in Indonesia. The kids will just starve. Not in China. They have 1 child policy. Not in Singapore. They’re capitalistic. Not in Japan I think.

If poor parasites have many children we will have many poor parasites in the future.

However, white people is obsessed with subsidizing poor people to have more children. In Europe, their homeland, there is even more welfare. Perhaps they think people won’t just breed like rabbit when there are welfare because they too want higher standard of living.

The thing is it doesn’t work that way with people from other cultures. Starving children is their main incentive to control their behavior. Once there is welfare, they just breed.

Many black people were catching up with whites, according to Thomas Sowell. When hard work and productivity is rewarded by capitalism, everyone is productive. But then, the woke create welfare.

Hard work is punished by income tax and breeding is rewarded with welfare. It just happens that more black people are in this cycle. However, it happens in any race.

So welfare and redistribution of wealth is the source of evil and not the solution. And that’s where I disagree with wokes.

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