We shouldn’t be Equal

Free access to scriptures religious leaders try to censor

I think we should be unequal at both. Why should my children have the same chance of poor single mothers’ children?

If they have the same chance, why would I bother getting richer and richer if not to give my children better chances

Of course, my children will not only have my money and me as a mentor. I am an experienced start up founder by the way.

My children will have what I think is the greatest edge a child can have. My genes. I have proven successful genes.

I am a Mensan. I won an international Math competition. I am a successful start up founder. I got great genes.

Yes, I failed a lot. I tried again learning from my past failure and I am far more successful than most. My children will have that.

They will have very strong head starts. They will run faster than those kids begging on the street.

That’s capitalism and I LOVE it

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