We Are All Eugenics

Free access to scriptures religious leaders try to censor

Don’t believe me? If you pick a mate, do you pick the dumb and ugly or do you pick “the best”?

Eugenics are natural capitalists. If you got to shop do you pick malfunctioning products or you pick the best?

Governments encourage us to pick worse options. And that’s why we have poverty.

Most of us want good genes to pass on to our descendants. Left to free market we are all eugenics.

However, governments would subsidize breeding with the poor and prohibit breeding with the rich with anti sex for pay laws, huge alimony, and huge child support.

In fact, under free market, unless a girl is really ugly, there is no way she need to stick with someone poor. Imagine a world where all the ugly girls have a job and all the pretty ones have smart rich sugar daddy. And that’s precisely why no country is truly free market when it comes to sex.

Those who can’t sell themselves can vote. It’s like Americans preventing mexicans from working. You can’t compete with them you just kick them out. It’s all part of the game in politic.

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