Watching the Boys

Free access to scriptures religious leaders try to censor

I am watching the Boys. Sometimes I wonder who the bad guy is. For example, Huggie put a supe in his trunk. Then he proceed to murder the supe. That’s, like murder. That’s no longer self defense or man slaughter.

The rest, besides Homelander wasn’t that bad. A-Train has problems that usually happen due to criminalization of drugs. A lot of topic. Government is after superior people. That somehow it’s okay to kill or mistreat them.

I wouldn’t murder anyone if I am Homelander. However, I think Homelander is doing what every superior people should do. The minimum of his job and that’s it.

Why insist being like Elon if societies appreciate Putin more. If you can get the same popularity by letting a whole plane fall rather than doing your best to save people, why bother saving anyone?

He should have been paid by result. When people are not paid by result like in corporation but paid by impression and popularity like in democracy, of course, we got bullshit.

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