Unlibertarian Ideas Libertarians can Understand or Embrace

Free access to scriptures religious leaders try to censor

I got 3 that I have in mind.

Ideas that don’t seem to be libertarian but if we understand and embrace, can get us more freedom, often ethically.

Might makes right

I didn’t believe this. I used to believe no matter how powerful a person is, he must not oppress the weak. And what happen is I often put my self in weak position and got scammed again and again.

In my mind, paying in front and paying latter was the same. What matters was what the deal is. In real life, of course not. Paying in front put you in weaker position.

That’s because the guy you pay can just leave and then you need cooperation of the state (or mob boss) to get what you pay for.

I once do business with poor people. Almost everyone of them just take money and run even though they make more money if they pay me my fair share. Lend money and they will run away. Almost always. Actually this is what attract me to crypto currency. Most libertarians think that a purpose of government is to uphold contract. I think crypto is a non government alternative to that.

It may seem unlibertarian. In fact, the whole philosophy of libertarianism is about condemning people in power that oppress those powerless people.

For example, libertarians condemn tax done by powerful government against powerless businessmen.

However, I now see power as another form of wealth. Is it wrong that some wealthy guy drink expensive wine when others’ are starve? I don’t think so. If it’s his money, he do whatever he wants. The problem is not how he spend his money, the problem is how he got his money. If he got it fairly and consensually, no problem.

The same way, why should I care that some powerful people oppress the weak? It’s his power.

Another way to see it is to simply be powerful. Look at monero, zcash, or something. It’s powerful. Libertarians can, for example, use bitcoin or something even more private. It’s hard as hell to tax. It empowers everyone to work under government radar.

Governments, realizing this, tend to lower tax. In Portugal, for example, tax on crypto is very low I’ve heard. When people have power to escape they tend to get better deals. So power matter. Not just what’s legal. Even if you’re a criminal, most lawyers would advice you to keep your mouth shut. Why? To put you in stronger position.

If you gonna confess something you do it in fair exchange, say in exchange of lighter sentences. Again, there is nothing wrong with using power to get what we want. When push come to shove, we’ll all do it anyway.Or at least don’t put yourself on weak position. Or take a look at sugar relationship vs marriage. Getting married put men under very weak position. The women can just leave and get half the money. Here, seeing that power tend to get what you want is useful.

Or what about seeing money as a form of power too that you can use as bargaining position to get stuffs? Makes everything transactional and your money becomes a source of power.

Wealth disparity is a problemAgain, this may not seem like libertarian at all. It’s the main justification of welfare and wealth redistribution.

However, let’s get practical here. Humans are selfish, greedy, and bigots. My understanding of evolutionary psychology teach me that each of us are competitors for everyone else. That is especially true with men.We are like participants in very slow hunger games.

Hence, it is very normal, even without clear profit, that many people, out of bigotry, wants to prohibit reproductive success of other humans. That explains why we have so many rules against consensual sex.

Rich parents for example, cannot have children without risking significant portion of his wealth.

Rich men, for example, cannot just pay women to give him children. When a child is born, the government impose child support laws where the amount of child support is proportional to a man’s income. It’s as if the true purpose of society is to prevent rich people from having children.

So what’s the solution? The solution is we got to be greedy not only in acquiring wealth but to also have enough children to redistribute those wealth. Bill Gates own $200 billion dollar. He said he will give each of his children only $10 million. I would agree. But for that to make sense, he should have had 20k biological children. Otherwise, why would he work all his money only to redistribute his wealth to parasites?

So yes, I agree that wealth disparity is a problem that need to be addressed. If we have tons of money and too few children, those wealth will be redistributed. It’s just a fact. Right or wrong it’s just a fact. So we have to outbreed the parasites.

A country has right for self government

Again, this seems to be the anti thesis of libertarianism. Most libertarians idea is about condemning the states’ action against individuals. Libertarians do not, in general think, that the states have right to make any laws. We think the states have right to make laws only for libertarian purposes, such as protecting rights.

However, in practice, the idea that a country has a right for self government, which is codified in Wesphalian treaty, is probably the single most important direction that make our world libertarians right now.

When countries are free to govern themselves, they compete. When the states compete with one another, instead of attacking one another, then many rich libertarians can move to states that treat them best. Laws tend to be more libertarians too.

In fact, US was and still is one of the most libertarian country in the world. Why? The state. The states compete with each other. It’s not until their Federal governments grow then US move toward statism.

Globalization also force the states to be more libertarians. Tariffs are declining all over the world. Minimum wage is also declining relative to average wealth. That means, a persons’ salary is more determined by his value than his country’s minimum wage.

If we think about it. Most shops, most crypto exchanges, most business, is also governed by centralized command. Again, perhaps, instead of bitching about how wrong the states govern themselves, we should think of ways to simply bypass the states’ laws.

Don’t like marriage laws? Do sugar relationship. Don’t like licensed Taxi? Use uber. Don’t like normal jobs? Make money in internet marketing or crypto world. Don’t like taxes? Consult lawyers and set up foreign corporation. Government is not stupid. It doesn’t want to fight determined individuals that want to be free. So there are loopholes anyway. The people are stupid.

Also following might makes right policy. There is a price of freedom. The price is ability to defend one self and to fuck up those who hurt us. Ukraine can defend itself against Russia. Can individuals defend himself against Russia or North Korea?

A country is a reasonably fair defense pact. If we look for loopholes we can get good bargains more than if we keep bitching about it.

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